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Demonstrate thorough knowledge of:

3. the correct fitting of a harness


Commercial Sit Harness

The sit harness must be neat to evenly distribute weight and not cut off circulation. The harness buckles are to be done up in accordance with manufacturers specification. Care is to be taken when fitting the harness, as it is the only thing that connects you to the rope.

The rule for harness buckles is to back thread the buckle to stop the nylon slipping. A minimum of 70 mm tail should be left after the buckle has been fully tied and back threaded.

When placing a commercial sit harness on for the first time all the buckles should be undone. First the waist buckle should be fitted followed by the leg loops then the bum strap. The harness should be firm, but not tight. When removing the harness the buckles just need loosening and the harness can be slipped off to save time when refitting.

You will get to practice fitting your harnes on the Training Day.


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