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Abseiling Proficiency Badge for the Scout Section

To gain the Abseiling badge you must complete, with your Patrol or other Scouts and the appropriate qualified persons, all of the requirements for A, B and C below.  Download a check sheet here.

Participants must have attained the age of 11 years.

Prior to abseil, demonstrate precautions applicable to abseiling including:

  1. approaching cliffs
  2. safe distance to cliff edge
  3. the need to restrain loose hair and clothing
  4. knowledge of standard communication conventions used in abseiling.

Demonstrate thorough knowledge of:

  1. tape knot, including tie offs
  2. figure 8 on the bight
  3. the correct fitting of a harness
  4. clipping onto the abseil rope
  5. checking the system and the importance of having a second person check the system
  6. a mock abseil on flat ground
  7. suitable protective clothing for all seasons
  8. the importance of using appropriate equipment and ropes
  9. the basic rules for the use and care of equipment

Undertake five abseils.

Information for the Demonstrate requirements can be obtained by clicking on the Demonstrate links above.

Information for the Skills requirements 1-3 can be obtained from clicking on the appropriate links above. The remainder will be given on the the training night conducted by the Kennedy Region Abseiling Panel prior to the Abseiling Day

The Activities requirements will be done on the Abseiling Day.



WARNING: Some activities covered on this website can be dangerous. Undertaking them without proper training, experience, skill, regard to safety, and equipment could result in serious injury or death.


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